About Nicole

Nicole Lynskey lives at a place where technology meets people— and meets creativity!  She is a WordPress consultant, life coach, trainer and project manager.  In her WordPress business, she uses her people skills to train clients on WordPress and help them reach their goals.

A Renaissance woman at heart, she has many talents and interests.  As a coach, she loves to help professionals with a lot on their plate simplify and live with more ease, joy, and purpose.  She is an experienced workshop designer and facilitator and has led many workshops on productivity, simplicity and other coaching topics. 

An aficionado of all things Agile (as in Agile Project Management), she is also a certified Scrum Master and certified in the Scaled Agile Methodology.    

In her personal life, she is also a poet, a mother, likes to ride her bike along the bluffs of the Mississippi and has dabbled in painting.   

The Resume

  • 10+ years’ experience as a computer programmer at places like Best Buy and at a small web development agency called Ideapark.
  • In 2014 opened her WordPress consulting business
  • Certified as a Scrum Master and in the Scaled Agile Framework (2016)
  • In her coaching career, she has designed, initiated, organized and facilitated many workshops and group coaching experiences on simplicity, productivity, and general happiness.
  • Worked for five years as a nutritional educator for Nutritional Weight and Wellness teaching people to live a whole foods lifestyle.
  • Trained as a Global Career Development Facilitator, as a facilitator of Richard Leider’s Working on Purpose workshop, and in Emotional Management Method Coaching.
  • Bachelor’s Degree from Hamline University in Anthropology and Creative Writing
  • Graduated from Minneapolis Technical College with a certificate in computer programming.
  • In 2006, certified as a life coach at Adler Graduate School
  • 2011-2013 co-lead of the Pachamama Alliance- MN community:  Organized and led 4-hour environmental workshops, organized functions such as the 2011 4-event weekend that included a fundraising gala, a symposium, a day-long activist training, and a leadership summit.
  • Spent three years in Spain teaching English to Spanish business executives.
  • 2007 member of the Minnesota Coaches Association board and co-lead of the Social Action Learning and Transformation team
  • Founder of Loose-Leaf Poetry Series (2003-2006)