Coaching: Helping professionals streamline!

Feel like you could be more efficient with your time? Stressed out trying to get it all done?

Too many professionals feel overwhelmed trying to navigate the modern world! Do you feel like you have too much on your plate? Are you struggling to juggle work, family, and life? Do you work hard and yet on many days feel like you never get to what is most important?

Reclaim your life!

What if you were able to end the workday feeling satisfied in knowing that your tasks and emails were under control and manageable? It is possible to have a life that is both busy and centered.

You can be successful at work and have time to plan backyard barbecues, or schedule a Saturday morning date with yourself, or engage in some other hobby or passion. It is possible to create a life with space for what is most important to you!

Efficiency & Simplicity

If you want to be successful and happy, you need to focus your energies on what is important to you. You can try to do it all, but chances are you won’t do it all well and happily.

My Efficiency Toolkit will enable you to identify your core priorities. We will look at how your current commitments of energy, money, and time align with these top priorities.

And I will help you get more organized and efficient by looking at questions like:

  • How can I use email more efficiently?
  • How can I improve my day-to-day task management?
  • How can I align my workday so that I am making the best use of my energy, time, and talents?
  • In my personal life, how can I tweak my morning routines, paperwork management, and more?

We will also consider self-care habits like sleep and diet so that you can be more productive, energetic, and alert (and of course healthy and happy).

I can help!

Sometimes you just need a little help to get you unstuck!  If it were easy, you would have already done it!  As a coach, my job is to hold you accountable so that you can reach your goals, to help you see new ways to solve the same old problems, to shine a light on your blind spots, and to support you through the process.

Using my coaching and efficiency toolkit, I will help you get unstuck and find ways to solve problems more creatively.  Pragmatic, step-by-step guides and worksheets will help you discern answers to the big questions about your life’s goals, values, and priorities. Trained as a life coach through Adler Graduate School, I also bring with me this set of tools and distinctions.

Your Next Step

Call me on 612-578-9783 for your complimentary strategy session or contact me via email.


I charge $75 a session for my coaching work, with an additional $50 fee for the intake and initial 90-minute meeting.  Clients who are being coached typically meet me 2-3 times a month either in person or by phone and sessions are 50 minutes long.