Need help with your WordPress website?

I help entrepreneurs with WordPress websites!

I can help you build a website that reflects your personal style and brand and has all the functionality your small business needs. Whether that is online payments, social media integration, event management or something else.

My focus is also to be strategic with your resources.  I want to build just the right amount of website.  We can keep things simple and affordable.  Or we can develop a full-featured site, take the time to customize your theme (design), and add all the bells and whistles.

I also love to train and coach my clients. I want you to leave knowing how to use your website: how to add blog entries, update page content, and even maintain the site on your own.  And I want you to have a plan that you can stick with:  whether that is getting your website up or deciding on basic marketing tactics.

What services do I offer?

My website work falls into three categories:

A three-legged stool of talents:  people + technology + creativity skills!

A WordPress consultant since 2014, I bring a wide array of competencies to the art of building websites:  solid technical chops, communication and training skills, a strong visual sensibility, and lots of entrepreneurial experience.

At its simplest, you can build a website just using the drag and drop interface. But frequently, you will come across things you want to change.  Knowing how to code CSS style sheets allows you to alter things like colors and fonts in a way that you cannot otherwise do.  WordPress itself is written in the PHP programming language.  So, to begin to change the layout, you need to know PHP as well as the proper way to code within WordPress.

As a former computer programmer, I have strong technical skills. As a poet and person who has dabbled in painting, I bring creativity and a solid visual flair. As an entrepreneur, I can point you towards good marketing and copywriting basics.  And as a coach and trainer, my commitment is to not only build a website but make sure that you are schooled in and comfortable with using it.