Why WordPress?

I have focused my efforts on becoming an expert on just one platform: WordPress. And I am not alone! WordPress runs 27% of the entire internet and has the lion’s share of the CMS Market.  Here are a few things that I think are great about it:

  • Maintainability – The average user, with some training, should be able to maintain some or all of their website.  So when you want to change something like your mailing address, or add a blog entry, or list a new workshop, you no longer have to call the middle man (a developer) to make it happen!
  • Extending Functionality: With WordPress, you can add apps (plugins) that can do a myriad of things: sell things online, connect to PayPal or some other payment platform, manage events, connect to a mailing list, sell e-books, book appointments, integrate with social media, and more.  (Blogging is built-in.)  I help people navigate the world of plugins, so their website does what they need it to do.
  • Cost:  WordPress ranges from free to very affordable! People can sometimes forget how amazing this is!  Ten years ago when WordPress barely existed, people paid tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to get the same functionality that comes with WordPress.  And I should know!  I built some of those sites.
  • Built-in design: WordPress comes with 1000s of pre-made designs (themes), which I can adapt to your needs: changing colors, images, fonts, and layout.
  • Scalability: WordPress offers different levels of solutions.
    • Basic: A website hosted on the WordPress.com site can be a professional and attractive solution if all you need your website to do is display information, and you are willing to let go of some creative control. The beauty of this solution is that you never have to worry about any of the back-end problems such as security and site updates.
    • Plug & Play: If you have more extensive needs (IE there are plugins you want to use), you will want to do self-hosting somewhere like GoDaddy.  Now, you have access to the thousands of free and low-cost apps and designs. You can keep the process simple by selecting a design and using its built-in design features.
    • Coding for more control:  Because I am a programmer, I can alter the code of your site for more creative control.  CSS controls the look and feel of a site while modifying the underlying PHP, the programming language of WordPress, and lets you change the layout.
    • Complete Control: Ultimately, when you self-host, you are downloading a copy of WordPress. An experienced PHP programmer could literally change anything they want about your site, as well as write custom themes and plugins.